Why do we pay money for frozen water cubes?

  • Time saver: You don’t have to wait for four to six-hour to have ice.
  • Productivity: It is easy to maintain your freezer. You don’t have to allocate massive space for ice cubes. If you need extra ice, you can outsource it.
  • Ready to use: No ice tray struggle. Open a bag. It is ready to serve.
  • Quantity: If you have a party, you probably need ice more than your refrigerator capacity. Do you like to go fishing? Do you have enough ice for your fish box?
  • Reach: You can’t carry your homemade ice everywhere. I’m sure it will melt down until you reach the lakeside. Then, you have to refill your ice box. There are a lot of ice cubes on the markets. It is easy to buy instead of going back home.
  • Increase anxiety: When shopping for a planned dinner or event in your home, you don’t have to fear that you have any ice left. Instead, you can buy one for your anxiety.



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Burak Su

Burak Su

Brand Strategist & Partner @Kroppadigital — Advertising & marketing enthusiast